Comprehensive Information on Bharat Series Number Plates

In the year 2021, the Indian Government decided to launch a specific number plate in a bid to enhance vehicle identification, and that is how the Bharat number plates were introduced.

Nowadays, the Bharat series number plate has come out as an unavoidable feature, bringing clarity to vehicle recognition. This article will help you to explore significant features of Bharat series number plates in detail.

 Explanation of Bharat Series Number Plate 

Bharat series number plates are a standard label officially provided to the vehicle by the Road Transport Ministry of India, available for both four-wheelers and bikes. These number plates contain the country code written as IND upgrading the authenticity of vehicle registration.

Bharat series number plates play an important role in enhancing security with standardised vehicle identification ability across the different states and cities in India. Whereas, the inclusion of a country code on your vehicle not only aligns with in-country standards but also promotes easy cross-border travel.

 Who Can Apply for BH Number Plate

Generally, this provision is not available for everyone as of now, but there are certain criteria where several people are eligible for Bharat series number plates. Take a look below –

  • Central and state government employees.
  • Defence and army employees.
  • Employees of private sectors with offices located in four or more states or union territories.
  • Bank employees

 How to Apply for a Bharat Series Number Plate

Applying for a BH registration number plate is quite simple, go through the following general steps –

  • RTO approval – Before applying for the Bharat series number plate, you must have a valid vehicle registration directly approved by the regional transport office in your state.
  • Fill up the application form – Fill out the form by giving accurate information about your vehicle.
  • Submit necessary documents – Provide the needed documents that typically include address proof, proof of identity, vehicle registration proof, or any other documents demanded by the officials.
  • Check Eligibility – Look for the eligibility criteria whether you are a good fit or not.
  • Payment – Pay the mentioned amount for the bh series number plates. The amount may vary depending on the type of vehicle.

 Applicable Road Tax For Bharat Number Plates

The road tax for BH number plates is a matter that depends on the states in India. Each state government has its own road tax structure and has the authority to look at the rate and regulations concerning the bh number plate tax.

Check at the tax price structure for the Bharat number plate –

Price breakdown Percentage of Tax applied
Lower than ₹10 lakh 8%
In the middle of ₹10 lakhs to ₹20 lakhs 10%
More than ₹20 lakhs 12%

It is essential to understand that the cost for BH number plates is calculated based on factors like the vehicle’s age, type of vehicle, commercial or personal purpose of the vehicle and so on.

 Benefits of BH Series Number Plates

Having a Bharat number plate holds significant importance for a ton of reasons, read through some pros mentioned below –

  • Easy vehicle identification – By featuring a country code as IND bh number plates, India represents a forward-looking approach that simplifies the process of vehicle recognition
  • Standardisation – Bharat number plates set up a national standard for vehicle authenticity.
  • Improved security – A registered Bharat number plate ensures the legality of the vehicle and reduces the risk of illegal or criminal activities.
  • Hassle-free countrywide validity – A RTO-approved Bharat series number plate vehicle has more accessibility across the country and has increased nationwide connectivity.

 Insurance for Vehicles Associated With Bharat Series Number Plates

While road tax is crucial for the legal acceptance of your vehicle, contributing to bike or car insurance is equally important for financial protection. Leading insurers like Tata AIG bring you the opportunity where you can compare car insurance and bike insurance plans to make the right decision on selecting 2 or 4-wheeler insurance for your vehicles with the Bharat Series number plate.

Here are some pointers to understand why you should pay for a bike or car insurance policy –

  • Provides financial protection
  • Third-party damage protection
  • Covers personal injuries
  • Mandatory by law
  • Peace of mind


The inclusion of a Bharat series number plate represents a modernised approach to vehicles’ genuineness aligning with enhancing the legal efforts and overall security across the country. In addition, BH number plates are a sign of a progressive movement towards reflecting the evolution of India’s transportation system globally.